There are about 300 different species of dragon flies in Cambodia. We are working on the goal to have taken a picture of every kind. It depends on the season and the location to find different ones. Are you interested to see dragon flies and take extremely colourful pictures? We would like to assist you and do all the preparations.

(Acisoma panorpoides) The Asian Pintail or Trumpet Tail, or Grizzled Pintail  1 +2 male and  3 female

(Brachydiplax chalybea) The Rufous-Backed Marsh Hawk male

(Brachydiplax sobrina) The Little Blue Marsh Hawk  male

(Brachythemis contaminata) The Ditch Jewel  1-5 male 6-8 female

(Crocothemis servilia) The Scarlet Skimmer or Ruddy Marsh Skimmer    1-2 male adult 3-4 immature  5-8 female

(Diplacodes nebulosa) The Black-Tipped Percher or Charcoal-Winged Percher  1 male and  2 female

(Diplacodes trivialis) The Ground Skimmer or Blue Percher or Green-and-Blue Skimmer or · Little Blue Darter or  Chalky Percher,  1-3 adult male 4 -5 immature male 6-7 female 8 mating

(Ictinogomphus decoratus) The Common Flangetail male

(Indothemis limbata)The Restless Demon male

(Neurothemis fluctuans) The Red Grasshawk, also known as Common Parasol, and Grasshawk dragonfly,
1 male, 2 immature male, 3 -5 female

(Neurothemis fulvia) The Fulvous Forest Skimmer  1-2 male, 3 adult and immature male, 4 female, 5 mating

(Neurothemis tullia)The Pied Paddy Skimmer  1-3 male, 4 immature male, 5-7 female

(Orthetrum chrysis) The Spine-Tufted Skimmer or Brown-Backed Red Marsh Hawk  1-4 male, 5-6 mating

(Orthetrum glaucum) The Common Blue Skimmer or the Blue Marsh Hawk 1-4 male, 5-6 immature male, 7+8 female

(Orthetrum pruinosum neglectum) The Crimson-Tailed Marsh Hawk  male

(Orthetrum sabina)The Green Marsh Hawk  1-3 male, 4-6 mating

(Potamarcha congener) Yellow-Tailed Ashy Skimmer, Common Chaser, or Swampwatcher, male

(Pseudothemis jorina) Banded Skimmer male

(Rhyothemis phyllis) The Spine–Legged Redbolt, also known as Rufous Marsh Glider, and Common Redbolt

1-6 male 7-8 female


(Rhyothemis variegata) Common Picture Wing or Variegated Flutterer, all female

(Tholymis tillarga) the coral-tailed cloudwing 1-3 adult male, 4 young male, 5 female +male compare 6+7 female

(Trithemis aurora) Crimson Marsh Glider 1-5 male, 6-10 female

(Trithemis festiva) The Black Stream Glider or Indigo Dropwing, all male

(Trithemis pallidinervis) Long-Legged Marsh Glider, 1-5 male, 6+7 female

(Urothemis signata), The Greater Crimson Glider, male 7+8+9 female

(Zygonyx iris)The Emerald Cascader or Iridescent Stream Glider, 1-7 male, 8 female, 9-10 mating