Comming to Cambodia for vacation seeking great places, wonderful beaches, exotic and acient culture? We THE PHOTOSHARKS are your partner for Photography and Tourist Guiding Services in Phnom Penh when you are looking for the perfect picture. We can help you in our photographer workshops to improve your photografic skills and show you how to use professional photographer's equipment. You can use our Nikon cameras and lenses rental(guided) for reasonable prices  to make your own best pictures. You need just help for finding the best views and best motives in this beautiful country? Book a Photosafari with lokal helpers, keeping you in contact with the authentic Cambodia and it's people. Of course we are experienced professional photographers for almost every kind of job and are guiding you to your choosen destination to take pictures of you, your partner, your familiy or friends to impress your people at home with fantastic photos of Cambodia. For local business in Phnom Penh we are the right partner for supporting your advertising, as creating pictures of your products, staff and facilities. Sport is our second passion. As we know almost every secret Mountainbike Track in this area, we are offering guided tours, of course not without making breathtaking pictures, all equipment included.

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